Bobbio is the small Valtrebbia capital and it present itself with the remains of its thousand-years past. Cultural light in Middle Ages and founded by the Irish St. Columbanus (sec.VII), Bobbio was one of most important monastery see in the North of Italy; its Library collected and preserved precious latin classic copies that today are spread in the most famous European libraries. In the Abbey and the near Museum you can still admire artistic and historical evidences that tell about the most significant steps of the story of this City. The old Village had been developed around the Church site and it has still preserved its beautiful and attractive features. The odd and irregular shape of the “Ponte Gobbo“, ( the ‘Hunchback Bridge’) became the symbol of the city, connect Bobbio to the nice Trebbia’s Valley: the Trebbia ‘s fresh and clear waters flow in one of the purest, cleanest and greenest valley of Italy. 


Piazza San Francesco 19 29022 BOBBIO (PC)

P. IVA 01477080335


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